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Start-up To Success:
How ‘Inside Then Out’ Scaled to $1M+
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Paid Ad’s + Creative

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Paid Ad’s + Creative


Inside Then Out is a leading wellness brand that creates tools for journaling, ritual, and the present moment.

Inside Then Out partnered with the Lab team shortly after experiencing rapid organic social growth to create a digital marketing strategy to profitably scale paid advertising.

This case study spans over a year of collaboration, unveiling the strategies and growth path we followed to take Inside Then Out to $1,101,718.94 in revenue in December 2023.

Summary of Results

  • Unprecedented $1,101,718.94 month in December 2023.  (previous high $551,362.29)
  • 67% YOY increase in revenue
  • 78% YOY increase in total orders
  • 191% YOY increase in Meta ad spend ($242,090.74 > $705,405.62)
  • 212% YOY increase in Meta ad revenue ($481476.7 > $1,503,645.21)

Partnership Inception

Through 2022, Inside Then Out grew steadily but struggled to scale beyond 6-figures in monthly revenue. During the first three quarters of 2022, they treaded consistently around $100,000/month, until their organic socials exploded in Q4. They went from $2k to $20k days in less than one month.

As a result of their rapid success, Inside Then Out needed a profitable paid strategy to pair alongside their organic growth. Additionally, they needed to, develop an effective omni-channel marketing strategy that would reach audiences beyond their existing organic exposure, increase their historically low average order value, and increase lifetime value.

The Strategy


Creative First

  • Content was the main driver behind our success. Developing a series of successful creative formats was key to understanding where we could allocate, and double down on our marketing dollars. Moreover, effective creative formats can be iterated, and eternally optimized to enable future profitable growth.

  • We started by surveying existing customers to step into the minds of our customers to figure out what they loved so much about our products and why they chose to begin journaling.

  • We discovered that our customers loved learning how they could build positive habits and become the best version of themselves. We took an educational approach with content speaking to the aforementioned proven benefits of guided journaling. User-generated content was at the core of our marketing strategy and enabled us to work with influencers to create high-converting ads and organic posts.

  • Once we tested and found winning creative, we prioritized volume by iterating on winning angles to enable us to scale ad spend without losing efficiency.


Paid Social (Meta, TikTok)

  • When it comes to scaling social media ads, the majority of the needle-moving factors live outside the ad account. As a result, consolidation within the ad account means fewer spokes in the wheel that could break, fewer variables to manage, and ultimately more budget towards the most profitable creatives. Consolidation and congruency across platforms made an immediate positive impact on results.

  • We focused on top-of-funnel acquisition by scaling the aforementioned creative to broad audiences on Meta and TikTok.

  • We scaled Meta ad spend by 191%, from $242,090.74 to $705,405.62 in amount spend

  • As a result, Meta ad revenue (tracked) increased by 212% YOY, from $481,476.7 to $1,503,645.21.


Paid Search (Google)

  • Restructured the account, and optimized budgets for new customer acquisition to scale the ad spend beyond branded search.

  • Focused on keywords and search terms of trending topics in the industry, and from TikTok. This enabled us to get in front of high-intent prospects that had never heard of our brand or product, but were actively searching for our solution.


New Product Launches

  • Due to the nature of our product, customers only need to purchase one journal every calendar year. As a result, we needed ways to re-engage customers and increase lifetime value.

  • We launched a new collection of journals, and paired journals with cohesive products, such as day planners, sticky notes, and candles.


TikTok Shops

  • Launched TikTok shops to leverage our existing organic social audience, influencers, and success with TikTok ads.

  • Drove influencers, organic posts, and ad traffic to TikTok shop to increase conversion rate from first touchpoint to purchase

  • Over 20,000 journals sold through TikTok shops

  • Leveraged spark ads on TikTok. Spark ads allow you to run the exact organic posts, with all their existing engagement and social proof, as ads. We paired spark ads with our best-performing organic content to achieve over a 10x ROAS when sending traffic to TikTok shops

The Outcome

Profitably scaling was Inside Then Out’s north star goal upon partnering with Flax Labs. By prioritizing content, rigorous testing, and leveraging TikTok shops we achieved unprecedented growth, far exceeding their initial expectations.

In addition to continuing to scale paid channels profitably, we’ve taken the lead in developing an iOS app for Inside Then Out’s customers to create their journeys. The launch of tech will increase the valuation multiples for the brand.

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